Extraction-protection cabinet OK series

Protective class I according to SIST EN 12469:2000

Zaščita okoljaZaščita operaterja


Intended for operator and environment in weighing process of powder material

TypeOK 7OK 9OK 12OK 15OK 18
Outside dimen. with stand
w x d x h [mm]
700x800x1476 940x866x1476 1240x906x1476 1540x906x1476 1840x906x1476
Outside dimen. without stand
w x d x h [mm]
700x800x750 940x866x746 1240x906x746 1540x906x746 1840x906x746
Working room
w x d x h [mm]
843x576x481 1143x576x481 1443x576x481 1743x576x481
Size of the working opening
w x d x h [mm]
843x182,5  1143x182,5   1443x182,5 1743x182,5 
Size absorbing unit
w x d x h [mm]
330x605x664  550x675x664  550x675x664   550x675x664
Max. connecting power [W] 750
Air flow [m/s] > 0,40
Operating voltage  [V/Hz] 230/50
Environment (working) Temp.:10-30 °C  RH: do 70%
Weight [kg]  / 210 290 320 360
ABS. filter H14 457x457x69mm [piece] 1 / 2 / /
ABS. filter H14 457x610x69mm [piece] / 1 / 2 /
ABS. filter H14 457x762x69mm [piece] / / / / 2
ABS. filter H14 Ø 200 x 500mm [piece] 1 1 2 2 2

Basic characteristic:

  • night,working and service regime
  • ergonomic approach and visibility for weighing operation
  • sides and doors of working spaces are made from acrylic glass; case for pre filter and extraction unit are made up from steel covered with plastic
  • adjustable extraction air speed on working aparture is: 0,2÷0,7 m/s
  • integrated working basis for weigh from monolithic granite sheet, thick: 4 cm for precise weighing: ≤ 1 x 10 - 4 g
  • integrated low noise fan
  • automated manipulation with default working regimes, alarms for nonconforming conditions and failures

Protection for operator, environment and weighing process:

  • Extraction air speed prevents particles emission from weighing space through working hole toward operator.
  • For vibration protection, extraction unit is placed away for stable stand with weighing base and with extraction-protected unit is connected with flexible tube.
  • 1. Degree filtration is integrated in extraction chamber while is integrated in fan-filter module which eject totally extracted and filtered air without danger for environment

Installation options on customer demand:

  • Installation with stabile stand, 750 mm working height for weighing
  • Variant for placement on existing customer table


External dimensions