Laminar horizontal work-bench series LFH


Zaščita proizvoda

Type LFH 9 LFH 12 LFH 15 LFH 18
External dimensions
w x d x h [mm]
1020x900x1940 1325x900x1940 1630x900x1940 1935x900x1940
Working area
 w x d x h [mm]
947x550x715 1252x550x715 1557x550x715 1862x550x715
Max. power consumption [W] 2050 2050 2050 2100
Max. socket load [W] 550 550 550 550
Laminar air flow [m/s] 0,25÷0,45 0,25÷0,45 0,25÷0,45 0,25÷0,45
Voltage [V/Hz] 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50
Weight [kg] 190 210 230 250
Working ABS. filter H14/EN1822 [dim] 910x610x69 1220x610x69 1524x610x69 1830x610x69
Pre-filter G4 / EN779 G4 / EN779 G4 / EN779 G4 / EN779


Laminar horizontal work-bench series LFH provides high level protection of work product. Inside working area horizontal air flow and cleanliness of working area in class ISO 5 (ISO 14644-1) and class A (GMP) respectively is established.

Basic characteristics:

Technical characteristics:

Application fields


Mechanical principle

LFH flow

The cabinet sucks air from environment through pre-filter of G4 quality,
which is implemented in the upper part of the cabinet. Then supply fan
pushes the air through inlet filters quality H14 (EN 1822) placed in the
back of the cabinet. Distribution grid spreads the air over the whole
working area into horizontal unidirectional flow. Then the air goes
through opening in the front of the cabinet. Unidirectional air flow
carries dust particles, generated while manipulating with materials in the
working area.
Control system consists of an internal regulation unit and a control panel,
from where the user can manage the device.
The regulation unit is controlling the fan and ensures:
  • a constant frequency control of the motors in regard to filter blockage,
  • a balanced air flow of the safety cabinet,
  • indication of eventual damage or alarm conditions of the system.

-       Stainless steel version